together we survive

Times have changed. Many people have lost homes, businesses, jobs, friends and family. They have suffered discrimination and government overreach for wanting sovereignity over their body and health.

livebloodis paving the way for the support and protection of all people, anywhere in the world who choose to say yes to Directed Donor Blood ONLY in the case of emergency or surgery.

We aim for all our members to receive the highest quality and safest fresh Directed Donor Blood to avoid blood storage lesions and the resulting numerous negative health outcomes.

About us

liveblood is a community of thousands of people with hundreds more joining each day. The Liveblood community require Directed Donation in the case of Emergency and Surgery as an advance directive.

The liveblood portal is now LIVE. A highly secure portal for people who require DIRECTED DONOR BLOOD ONLY.

livebloodis an information, preparation and organisational service. The portal supports the processes required to be prepared in the case of Emergency and Surgery. And for those who want to choose what goes into their body and to have their human rights protected in times of contact with medical authorities.

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